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GIVEAWAY: Learn ECMAScript 2017

So here we are! I honestly never thought about writing a book and would've never written one apparently if Packt had not contacted me in September last year.
It was mid of September when one of the Packt's acquisition editor reached out to me regarding a proposal to write a book on ES8 which was officially released by standard in the July last year (2017). ES8, was mostly ES6 and ES7 but with a lot of new (and irreplaceable) things.
Also, from the edition 1 of the book (which was for ES6), I noticed there were quite some things missing which I, as a reader, would've enojoyed a lot reading about, like low-level memory stuff, shared memory and it's working with JavaScript, some quick links on WebAssembly, etc.
This was my moment. My mind was flooded with ideas, new and better ways of explaining things to people who've never read about JavaScript, or to people who just need to brush up their JS skills to current standards.
After working for about 5.5 months, the book was completed with the help of content and technical editors from Packt. The book was published on March 1, 2018 and here we are, with a giveaway of the book!

Sneak Peak

Before actually letting you know how to participate in the giveaway, let me just show you what the book as to offer you:


Here's what the colors suggest:

  1. Green - These topics are relatively easy to grasp and anyone who has worked with JavaScript would (and must) know these.
  2. Red - These are my favorite topics because they let JavaScript come really close to hardware and stuff. It's mostly theoritical right now but would be applicable in near future.
  3. Yellow - These are layers of abstraction and you should probably know about these things if you want to be a good developer.


I'll be giving away 1 hard-copy of the book (including delivery charges) anywhere in the world + 10 eBooks (pdf, kindle, etc.).


  1. Fill this form: Google Form
  2. Review the book on Amazon.com

You can basically review how codedamn has helped you (if ever), and how this book might be able to help you if you win this.


  1. Participate in the giveaway below:

Learn ECMAScript 2017 Book Giveaway

From Editor's Desk

Don't forget to leave your 2 cents on the book and how you feel about it. Keep coding!