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What the heck is ES(2017) anyway?

Wrongly (but popularly) called as ES8, ES2017 is actually the latest standard of JavaScript in the market. So I was recently working on a book draft on ES8 (which'll be released soon), and I found a lot of basic stuff which developers usually miss out while coding. Below are some of my "findings" from my upcoming book.

ECMAScript and JavaScript | What's the Difference?

There's a lot of history in ECMAScript and JavaScript naming convention, but the thing is, JavaScript came first, was adapted by browsers like IE, then Netscape submitted JavaScript to ECMA (https://www.ecma-international.org/default.htm) which set a standard called ECMAScript which is responsible to evolve JavaScript.

Since ECMAScript is a standard, there can be other languages (like ActionScript) implementing ECMAScript.

ES2017 v/S ES8?

ES2017 is the most recent release by ECMAScript but is not yet fully implemented in browsers. A lot of developers call it ES8, which is officially wrong. ECMAScript dropped the convention ESX (X=digit) after ES6. So, ES7 was actually ES2016 and ES8 is actually ES2017.
However, I'm gonna use ES7/ES8 in this article as it keeps a sense of continuity.

What does ES8 brings?

ES8 is exciting in many ways. Combining ES6/ES7/ES8, here are some of my favourite things:

  1. async/await (ES8) - This is love. Nothing's better than transitioning from ugly callback-helled code to nice synchronous-looking asynchronous code.
  2. Template literals (ES6) - Template literals finally allowed devs to not keep closing and opening quotes again and again and again and again if there are variables to be included in strings.
  3. Arrow functions (ES6) - Extremely cool. The thing that they have lexical scoping, the thing that the "this" is parent instead of function, is useful in so many places! No more calling ".bind(this)"!
  4. And a lot lot more (goes in the book!)

And about the book, it'll be released next year! Hope you'll have a chance to grab one and take a good look! ;)